Emotional Balance Technique(EBT)© session


These three, one-on-one sessions, are designed to help you balance any negative emotions you may have.


What will I get out of these sessions?

During these sessions and after their completion, you will experience one or more of the following observed outcomes:

Being in state of “flow.”
Feeling inner peace, calmness, or happiness.
If the process is not working, we may have to stop the process and start to address the blockage that you may be holding onto which is preventing you from improving the quality of your emotions.
Emotional Balance Learning Points

Know what you want?

Watch the Video! Know what you want and how achieving emotional balance can help you.

My name is
Emad Aldajani


My mission in creating these sessions is to enrich your emotional life by working with you step-by-step, using my extensive experience to help you balance your emotions. I will provide you with a confidential, unrecorded, and safe environment to be open about your emotions and then help you to face and balance them achieving emotional balance.

My responsibility to you is to meet you where you are emotionally. I will adjust my approach as your needs demand, and provide you with authentic and proper coaching about emotional balance.

Your responsibility is to practice and apply to your daily life what you learn in this session as you see fit and ignore that which doesn’t apply into your life.

Emad Aldajani

I am an author, sociologist, and emotional balance coach. I dedicate myself to helping people achieve emotional balance.

Upon completion of this session, based upon the reviews I have received, people’s emotional lives improved dramatically, exceeding their expectations.

My Story

How achieving emotional balance has helped me!

During my early childhood, I developed emotional instability along with aggressive and unpredictable behaviors. I looked for answers for many years, but nothing seemed to work. Finally, I decided to do my own research in order to better understand the inner life of my emotions. It took many years of research and experiments before I began to feel some peace of mind.

However, when I was 26 years old, I went through emotional turmoil that made me feel emotionally unbalanced and unstable again. Because what I knew at the time was no longer working, I decided to conduct new research about the reality of emotions, and after many years I can say confidently that I am emotionally balanced; not because I learned to control my emotions, but because I learned to guide my emotions intelligently. I discovered that guiding your emotions is the key to achieving emotional balance once and for all. This session is designed to teach you just that; achieving emotional balance through intelligent guidance of your emotions.

About EBT sessions 


These three, one-on-one sessions, are designed to help you balance any negative emotions you may have. Whether it is fear, anger, guilt or any other negative emotion, this session will allow you to experience a shift in the quality of your emotions. Based on the feedback of those who have completed these sessions, they have experienced lasting and positive changes to their emotional balance.

In these sessions, we will not address the past, the beliefs, or the stories behind your emotions; rather, we will address the emotions directly. Why? To reduce the possibility of becoming overwhelmed during the process. In my experience, people don’t become overwhelmed and exhausted because of their emotions, but because they dwell in the stories behind their emotions. Thus, I designed these three sessions with care to help you shift your emotions painlessly, effortlessly, and easily.


How much do these three sessions cost?

Simple Pricing… No Surprises 😎


Here’s what you’ll Get!



A 10-minute introductory call to help you achieve clarity about where you are emotionally and learn about how this session can help you improve the quality of your emotions.



Three one-on-one EBT sessions

Our Vision

“To empower people through intelligent guidance of emotions and to help them gain mastery over their own emotions.

Our Mission

“To alleviate the distress and facilitate people’ life pursuits that are affected by internal struggle and emotional imbalance.

Our Values

“We believe that the following values are our guiding principles that shape our interaction.


Care is at the core of our service. We strive to offer a caring, non-judgmental, and empathic environment where we listen to our clients carefully in order to make them feel heard, validated, and achieve the results they desire.


We recognize and appreciate the differences between each individual. Our understanding is that no two people are alike; therefore, we consider each client as a unique individual and thus, our approach is personalized to fit each client’s needs.


Our goal is to help each client create real and lasting change by offering authentic education and the proper coaching necessary to make such change possible.


Our program is focused on recognizing our clients as human beings who are seeking help rather than seeking them as an issue to deal with.


The private matters discussed in our line of work are quite sensitive, and we recognize the gravity of them. For us, the confidentiality of our clients is our utmost priority, and we ensure complete privacy. To offer you peace of mind, we review our confidentiality practices during the initial sessions.

“Living with emotional imbalance can be difficult, but it is not a fixed state. With our program, you can end the internal struggle and achieve emotional balance.

Join now and learn how to balance your emotions.

Fast Relief session

There are times in life when we require immediate help with our overwhelming emotions and destructive thoughts. It takes quite a few days or even weeks to get an appointment with an expert. Thus, I have designed this one-hour fast relief session specifically to offer immediate help to those who need it.

You can begin the session in as little as 10 minutes, and it will last for an hour where I will give you some exercises or just be there to listen to you and offer you clarity of mind.

Life is uncertain; there can be overwhelming situations that bring anger, fear, anxiety, or grief with it. But, with immediate help, like my fast relief session, you will be able to deal with such situations and move forward with clear thinking.

What People Say About Us

Kindra Roberts

Emad has contagious energy and is delightful to work with. I highly recommend working with him to shift negative thought processes in your life!.


Emad was a pleasure to connect with. He educated me and provided ideas for how I can manage my emotions in a variety of ways. I appreciate his guidance and willingness to listen to my situation and answer my questions.

Bella Beca

You are incredible Emad!!! Your methods really work.

Anna Smith

Emad provides incredibly powerful and freeing insights and clarity. He truly listened and brought a wealth of knowledge and understanding to a problem I’ve been working on for a while. I know have a better grounded space to move forward. Looking forward to the next time our paths cross!He knows how to get results quickly! Thank you!


A wonderful experience. Emad is a very wise and knowledgeable person, who was very gracious in his approach in helping me to increase my awareness of where my power was in order to be able to solve the issues I presented to him. I would highly recommend his services and would gladly approach him for help again should the need arise.


This. was. amazing. I wasn’t certain what to expect – I work with emotions regularly, and didn’t have any large questions or issues coming up. Emad was incredibly gracious in working with this and able to help me identify and examine some larger patterns in the way that I engage with emotions. I would DEFINITELY recommend working with Emad. This session was kind, generous, and energy-shifting.

Paul Davis

Emad was lovely to work with. Very wonderful energy, clearly loves doing this work.


Emad is truly amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed our session together and was blown away by his method of creating a feeling of safety within. Emad has a powerful gift which he is sharing with the world – at a time when we are in dire need of it. I highly recommend reaching out to him – you will surely benefit from what Emad has to offer.


Emad is a young man with a beautiful soul and a gift to match. He is someone sent to help spread much-needed healing and it shows. He has a calming, soothing, reassuring demeanor that can coax even the most anxious souls along their path toward recovery. Highly recommended!.

Sara Renee

Emad was very clear in explaining the steps of dissolving emotions and how to construct healthier relationships. I really appreciated his patience in deconstructing my dilemmna so I could examine it. Ah-ha moment, I am so grateful for his assistance. Super nice and helpful. I highly recommend Emad.


What a wonderful, sensitive, person. Hope to work together again!.


What is the emotional balance?

Emotional balance is the ability to choose our emotions, stabilize the negative emotions, and intensify the positive emotions.

Why are your services focused on emotions?

My education and experiences have lead me to believe that our life, in reality, is a manifestation of our accumulated emotions. Thus, I focus on emotions, because once people learn to change and guide their emotions skillfully, they will be able to alter their reality.

What if someone is interested in a service but can't afford it?

They can send me an email, and we will further discuss the available options.

What differentiates your Emotional Balance Technique from other techniques that also focus on emotions?

The difference is in the simplicity of applying the EBT technique without interfering with people’s beliefs, history, narratives, or stories.

If I am not satisfied, can I ask for a refund?

Unfortunately, our refund policy dictates that we cannot issue any refunds after receiving any of our services. 

How do I know whether or not I need to be emotionally balanced?

My personal parameter for emotional balance is this: if you can choose your emotions, stabilize your negative emotions, and intensify your positive emotions, then you are, most likely, already emotionally balanced. With that said, I have to make it clear that only you can make that discernment.

What would happen if I missed a session?

If you notify us twelve hours prior to your session that you will be unable to attend, then we will reschedule it. However, if you miss a session without notifying us, we will only be able to refund 50% of the cost of the missed session.

I am under medical treatment, and I am emotionally struggling. Will your services help?

My services are designed to improve the quality of people’s emotional life and are not a substitute for professional medical treatments. I encourage people with any conditions that need medical treatment to ask for advice from their doctor, therapist, or counselor prior to applying for any of my services.


Is Emad the only person who coaches and trains using the Emotional Balance Technique?


What if I have multiple problems and need help from a mixture of your services?

You can send me an email me directly and I will work with you to create a personalized service that fits your needs.


Since I will be sharing about my life and emotion, will my privacy be breached?

No. Our policy states that we will provide you with a confidential, unrecorded, and safe environment to be open about your emotions.


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