Inner Peace Program


A one-week, one-on-one program that helps you transcend your thoughts and emotions in ways that allow you to approach your life from a place of inner calmness and balance.

Inner peace is a state of being beyond thoughts and emotions. In my life experiences and through years of research, I’ve learned that the ability to reach inner peace is crucial to achieve a lasting contentment with yourself and the world around you.

When I created the Emotional Balance Program, my main goal was to enrich people’s emotional life through insight and understanding. Now with the Inner Peace Program, my aim is to help people transcend their thoughts and emotions, reaching a state of grace that reduces suffering and heightens personal fulfillment and enjoyment of life.

Inner peace is to send a message to the universe, stating, “Please take care of me.”
However, if you’re struggling with overwhelming thoughts and emotions, the universe will respond, “I can’t. You’re resisting my assistance.

Inner Peac Intensive Program

”By asking the universe for help while in a state of inner peace, the universe will respond, “You are in a state of openness, able to accept my assistance. Thus, I can help you.”

The more stressful your circumstances become, the greater your need for inner peace. And conversely, the more at peace you find yourself, the less stressful your life becomes. In this program, we will cover different techniques and exercises that help you achieve a healthier and calmer cycle.

I will also teach you my insights and perspectives through two one-hour phone calls, accompanied by 3 daily emails to answer your questions and a daily 20-minutes call wherein we’ll practice reaching a state of inner peace together.

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What will you Learn?

  • What inner peace truly means and why it’s important
  • How to achieve inner peace without going through years of meditation
  • How to use inner peace to make wiser decisions in your life
  • How to live in the present without focusing on the past or worrying about the future

How it Works

  • A 30-minute introductory call to help you gain clarity about the program and decide whether it’s a journey you’re interested in taking.
  • Two one-hour educational phone calls, scheduled every other day.
  • Daily access to me, which includes a 20-minutes practical call and 3 emails to answer your questions and address any current concerns.
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How much does the Inner Peace Program cost?

The total cost for the entire week is $499 with no hidden fees. This includes two hours of educational phone calls and daily access to me through email, plus a daily practical 20-minutes phone call.

Emad Aldajani


I am an author, sociologist, and a personal development coach. I dedicate myself to helping people achieve emotional balance.

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Emotional Balance Program

If you’re looking for a more realistic course which will help you achieve emotional balance. Then this one is the right program for you!

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Your one-hour fast-relief session helps you relieve your overwhelming emotions regarding a current situation or circumstance.

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