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Emotional Balance Program

Emotions are what guide our actions throughout our lives; both positive and negative emotions are important, and suppressing any one of them can lead to countless problems. Therefore, I am offering an Emotional Balance Program so you can learn how to balance your emotions.

By having emotional balance, you can process all the emotions you face. You will be able to fully feel your emotions, process them, embrace them and move forward with your life.

What you will learn:

  • The reality of emotions, how they work, why we have them, and how we can live in harmony with them?
  • How to create positive emotions and motivate yourself emotionally?
  • How to process negative emotions and escape their grip?
  • A simple technique to immediately stabilize your emotions.

Inner Peace


In the midst of chaos, what we call life, having inner peace is crucial to achieving a sense of contentment. Most of us struggle with having inner peace; this is why I created this one-week Inner Peace Program to help people transcend their thoughts and emotions and to reduce suffering.

People who find peace within themselves have less stressful lives and have much better control of their emotions. This program offers different exercises and techniques to help you achieve a calmer and healthier life.

What you will learn:

  • What is inner peace? Why is it important?
  • How to achieve inner peace without going through years of meditation?
  • How to use inner peace to make wiser decisions in your life?
  • How to live in the present without focusing on the past or worrying about the future?

Fast Relief Session

There are times in life when we require immediate help with our overwhelming emotions and destructive thoughts. It takes quite a few days or even weeks to get an appointment with an expert. Thus, I have designed this one-hour fast relief session specifically to offer immediate help to those who need it.

You can begin the session in as little as 10 minutes, and it will last for an hour where I will give you some exercises or just be there to listen to you and offer you clarity of mind.

Life is uncertain; there can be overwhelming situations that bring anger, fear, anxiety, or grief with it. But, with immediate help, like my fast relief session, you will be able to deal with such situations and move forward with clear thinking.

Emotional Balance for Relationships

Human beings are social creatures who need to have different relationships at every stage of their lives. They do form relationships but fail to realize the difference between healthy and toxic relationships.

I believe that having healthy relationships is a critical factor in our lives and having emotional balance plays a key role in forming and sustaining healthy relationships.

It gives you the ability to guide your negative emotions and voice them properly. Moreover, it helps you understand others’ emotions and act accordingly.

I designed this program to teach you how to have a healthy relationship with yourself, people, and life. After completing this program, you will be able to replace toxic emotions with healthier one in any relationship.

What will You Learn:

  • What are relationships? How can you have healthy relationships?
  • How can you express your unique personality in relationships?
  • How can you handle emotions intelligently in your relationships?
  • How can you turn conflict into a long term relationship?

Emotional Balance for Financial Freedom

My personal definition for financial freedom is the ability to earn as much money as you want independently of your circumstances. My motive for creating this program is to share what I believe to be true about money.

This program is designed to teach you the fundamentals of earning money. This is by no means a handbook of getting rich because getting rich involves more than learning the fundamentals of financial freedom and balancing emotions.

This is an educational, not coaching program which aims toward providing you with the knowledge that would change your attitude toward money, and as a result, your emotions regarding money will change and become balanced.

What will You Learn:

  • What is money? Why most people are poor, yet they don’t know it?
  • What are the five timeless fundamentals of money?
  • What are the attitudes that you need to adopt to be emotionally balanced when dealing with money?

Emotional Balance for Behavioural Change

Are you trying to change your life but always fail? No matter what aspect of life you want to change, it is critical to change your behaviors. People who behave in a certain way, get certain results. In other words, the results we are getting in our lives are directly related to our repetitive behaviors.

I have developed this program to help you change your behaviors with minimal struggles and maximum motivation.

What will You Learn:

  • What are behaviors? Why are they critical for change?
  • How can you change your behaviors effortlessly?
  • How can you develop discipline?
  • How to motivate yourself to change unwanted behaviors even if you don’t want to do so?


What is the emotional balance?

For me, emotional balance refers to two things:

  1. Realizing that we are not our emotions- we experience emotions.
  2. Our ability to guide our emotions intelligently.
Why are your programs focused on emotions?

Because my education and experiences lead me to believe that our life, in reality, is a manifestation of our accumulative emotions. Thus, I focus on emotions because once people learn to change and guide their emotions skillfully, they will be able to alter their physical reality.

What if someone is interested in the program but can't afford it?

He/she can send me an email, and we will discuss further the available options.

What differentiates your programs from other trainers/coaches programs?

The simplicity of applying the programs’ contents into your life which I have developed over many years and have received compliments from numerous users of my techniques. My unique methods will reform your life and bring satisfactory changes that in my research, no other programs offer.

If I am not satisfied, can I ask for a refund?

Unfortunately, our refund policy is that you can only process your refund on the first day of the program. However, we encourage people to schedule a call to get more details about any of our programs before enrolling.

How do I know whether I need to be emotionally balanced?

My personal parameter for emotional balance is this: If I am at peace, then I am emotionally balanced. If I am disturbed, then I am emotionally imbalanced. With that said, I have to make it clear that only you can make that discernment.

What would happen if I missed a call?

That means you missed the lesson on that day. Thus, I encourage my clients to make sure that they can attend the whole program before enrolling. However, for emergency reasons, I can reschedule.

I am under medical treatment, and I am emotionally struggling. Will your programs help?

My programs are designed to improve the quality of people’ emotional life and are not a substitute for treatments. I encourage people with any conditions that need treatment to ask for advice from their doctor, therapist, or counselor prior to applying for any of my programs.

Is Emad the only person who teaches these programs, or there are other trainers as well?

Currently, Emad is the designer and the only trainer for the programs. His training programs are uniquely designed and bear no similarity to any other programs.

What if I have multiple problems and need help from a mixture of programs you offer?

You can send me an email, and I will advice which program will be most beneficial to you.

Since I will be sharing about my life and emotion, will my privacy be breached?

No. Our policy states that we will provide you with a confidential, unrecorded, and safe environment to be open about your emotions.

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